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Innovative Waste Treatment Technologies

CWMI specializes in developing cutting-edge waste treatment technologies such as Hydrothermal and Pyrolysis, transforming waste into valuable products like briquette fuel, animal feed, and fertilizer.

Data Center for Waste Management

CWMI operates a comprehensive data center providing crucial insights and information on solid waste management in Indonesia, facilitating informed decision-making and policy development.

Consulting Services

CWMI offers consulting services for developing Urban Waste Management Master Plans, helping urban areas implement efficient and sustainable waste management strategies.

Policy & Regulation Development

CWMI collaborates with government agencies and organizations to develop policies and regulations for effective waste management practices, ensuring compliance and environmental sustainability.

Competency Standards & Technology Determination

CWMI assists in determining competency standards and adopting appropriate technologies to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Waste Management Planning & Licensing

CWMI provides services for waste management planning, including Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and waste management licensing, ensuring safe and effective waste management practices.

Contract Management

CWMI offers various contract management services, including technology provision and joint ventures, to facilitate clients in meeting their waste management needs effectively.

Training & Education

CWMI conducts waste management training programs, seminars, and workshops to improve the competencies of waste management professionals and raise public awareness about sustainable waste management practices.


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Waste Treatment Technologies

Advanced waste treatment technologies producing green products for sustainable solutions.

Consulting Services & Studies

Innovative consulting for sustainable waste management strategies and environmental studies.

Publication & Data Center

Publishing impactful research and managing comprehensive waste management data.

Seminar, Education, & Training

Empowering waste management through seminars, education, and comprehensive training programs.